Father’s Day 2016

Event Phone: 03 323 7353 (restaurant) or 0211865646 (Cory)

  • 04/09/2016
    12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Father's Day

We’ve laid on the BBQ!

We’ve laid on the fun!

Just bring Dad! (do not let him cook his own BBQ again)

Rosebank’s Father’s Day 2016

Christchurch’s greatest BBQ event is being held at Rosebank Estate & Winery on Sunday 4 Sept.

We are offering an amazing family fun day with awesome food, Rosebank wines, local beers, entertainment and more…

The Rosebank BBQ stall & salad bar

Exotic game & wild meats

Vintage cars on show (American Car Club Canterbury )

Rib eating competition ($10.00 entry)

Champion Father competition (just bring a child, see competition at bottom)

Classic Rock music

Kids bouncy castle fun

Beer & wine tastings from $7.00

Bookings essential. Groups welcome.

Ph 03-323 7353 or E. bookings@rosebank.co



Allow us to take the heat off you this Father’s day by allowing dad

to hang up the tongs and have us cook the BBQ for you… 

Choose from an unparalleled selection of foods        

-Start with Rosebank’s famous duck liver & cognac parfait with house-made pickles and toasts*The BBQ packages ALL include a selection of hand baked Artisan breads and an exotic inspired salad selection of…

-Roasted baby fennel with mandarin & black garlic

-Israeli couscous with pickled exotic mushrooms and wild basil

-Purple (Urenika) potato salad with venison bacon & chive

-White asparagus with quail egg, parmesan and lemon oil

-Heirloom tomato salad with malt vinegar & black pepper

-South African PAPTART with smokey bacon & cheddar

(Full bar service and desserts available)

-CLASSIC- $30.00 p/p

For the traditionalist wanting a professional delivery of the old faithful

-1x Boerewors sausage

-1x Nuremburg sausage

-1x lamb leg chop in minted cumin yoghurt

CONTEMPORARY- $35.00 p/p

Rosebank’s twist on the traditional BBQ fare of the garden…familiar products with modern flavour combinations,

*Choose 3 of the following…

-Bourbon & honey sticky pork ribs (2)

-Lamb leg chop in minted cumin yoghurt

-Garlic, lemon & dill rubbed salmon fillet

-Rosemary & pink salt marinated sirloin minute steak

-Chicken thigh fillets with green curry, lime & mint


EXOTIC- $42.50 p/p

A selection of lesser known, exotic & wild meats, served with popular flavours to entice the “wild one’ in you to come out and try it. Have a go if you are GAME!

*Choose 3 of the following…

-Kangaroo with olive tapenade & thyme oil

-Blackened Ostrich with Cajun spices and lemon

-Crocodile Shish Kebab in smoked paprika & orange

-Wild Boar in crushed pear cider with wild mint

-Cumin rubbed Tahr with Juniper & lime

MIXED- $39.50 p/p

For those who are a little traditional but see something new that appeals to the curious side of the palette. Take your choice of meats from the “classic” and “exotic” selections.

*Choose any 3 (1or2 “classic” & any 1or2 “Exotic”) meats…

Father’s Day competition activities:

  1. 50 Wheel barrow sprint (father push child)
  2. Cabernet 6 Pin Croquet course (3 for father, 3 for child)
  3. Pinot Putting challenge (5m for father, 3m for child)
  4. Rosebank Wordfind (joint)
  5. Merlot Math quiz (joint)
  6. Big Hammer and Nail (6″ for father, 2″ for child)
  7. Ring the Bell
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